Perhentian – Snorkeling with Ecoteer

  I stayed four beautiful days in Perhentian with Ecoteer community. If you join in the volunteer program you have many opportunity to discover the sea world, learning about environment, the plight of sea turtles, see the baby sharks and the underwater world doing snorkeling. I spent lovely time with the volunteers and interns andContinua a leggere “Perhentian – Snorkeling with Ecoteer”

Perhentian – Ecoteer

  I choose to join in a volunteer program during my last two weeks in Malaysia. Searching in internet I found Ecoteer group: A no-profit organization that connects travellers with grassroots charities and social enterprices around the world. More than that, Ecoteer is a community hub for those interested in responsible tourism, conservation and sustainability.Continua a leggere “Perhentian – Ecoteer”