GADGETS What I can do for you _°What:  Artworks for original personalized Gadgets ° Suitable for: Poster, Logo, Brochure, Dépliant, Business Card, T-Shirt, Mug, Map, Menù °Material:  High Quality digital file°Copyrights: you are free to –Share: copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format –Adapt : remix, transform, and build upon the material -for any purpose,Continua a leggere “GADGETS”

3° STEP: Inspirational Institute

WHAT DOES IT MEAN LEAVING A DREAM Finca Exotica is an ecolodge located on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. More than a hotel, it offers a natural and social immersion experience. An inspirational institute in the heart of the jungle. ASK YOURSELF WHAT DO YOU WANT? It is difficult to go to the root andContinua a leggere “3° STEP: Inspirational Institute”

3° STEP: Green Building

THE INTERVIEW   Intrigued by the design and architectural solutions in green building of Finca Exotica, we interviewed Markus, owner and architect of this ecolodge on the edge of Corcovado Park.   THE RESTAURANT The inspiration for design comes from travels around the world and journeys into books. I’ve seen a lot of designs inContinua a leggere “3° STEP: Green Building”

3°STEP: Visiting the garden

FOOD FOREST Jodie took us on a tour of the Finca Exotica Ecolodge garden. A sort of food forest in Permaculture, an edible jungle, with plants and trees that have been planted with a precise intention. Nothing is left to chance and every plant is compatible and preserves the naturalness of the place. with FelpagiallaContinua a leggere “3°STEP: Visiting the garden”

2° STEP IN COSTA RICA: Sustainability

Today we met Richard, the expert in sustainability. Its role is to improve all departments, following the principles of energy saving, introducing new ideas, favoured by frequent dialogue with each sector. Implementing  a program to support the environment has always been the main purpose  of the hotel, from the use of local materials to theContinua a leggere “2° STEP IN COSTA RICA: Sustainability”