3°STEP: Visiting the garden


Jodie took us on a tour of the Finca Exotica Ecolodge garden.
A sort of food forest in Permaculture, an edible jungle, with plants and trees that have been planted with a precise intention.
Nothing is left to chance and every plant is compatible and preserves the naturalness of the place.

DSC05847with Felpagialla

More than a garden, plants wind throughout the Finca Exotica.
There are some plants so big that you feel like in Avatar.
Of some plants you can eat the leaves, of others the fruit and of others the root.


Before starting, the kitchen had made us some coconuts to drink with a straw (the straw was not made in plastic!).
The coconut liquid is rich in all the electrolytes that the body needs.
Slightly fizzy. If you found yourself without water, you could use a coconut.

The tour was not only visual!
We had the opportunity to taste fruits and leaves of various plants along the way.
Some plants are native, others have been imported.
One of these is used as a real salad. Instead, many others enrich it by making numerous vitamins and substances such as omega 3, 6, 9.

Among the species also a Cinnamon tree.
An infusion of cinnamon leaves helps against diarrhea.
Coriander (Culantro) is very present. They put it practically in every dish, salty or sweet.
Noni fruit, that smell like a cheese, detox your body.


The structures are all made of bamboo.
It is an exceptional material in architecture and in green building in general.
At the finca they planted non-invasive species suitable for the purpose, so as to have the construction material.
It is not just an edible jungle, but much more.
Around February, cutting an harvesting is done.


Achieving sustainability goals requires careful analysis, a preliminary study and asking many questions.
We must ensure that our needs are matched with the resources available in the surrounding environment, without altering its balance, collaborating with nature.
In this way, even the management and maintenance efforts of the solutions implemented are sustainable, functional, solid, but at the same time low impact, or even better completely biodegradable.

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