3° STEP: Finca Exotica

To reach the Ecolodge Finca Exotica, we left with a bus from Monteverde to San Jose, changing there for Puerto Jimenez. After a night we took a van called “Colectivo” that left us at the entrance of the Ecolodge Finca Exotica. Two adventurous hours on the van, in the middle of the forest, with the monkeys jumping from one tree to another, wading through the various streams along the way.
Colectivo 2
Before living Puerto Jimenez I sketched a man, sitting in a soda (a typical Costa Rican tavern). He was playing guitar while the strong rain almost muffled its songs.
Suggestion: like photograph, a sketch is more interesting if you draw some living subjects as people or animals. Furthermore the movement is more attractive than static, so try to draw them when they are doing something.
The sketch must talk about your experience or drew something local, typical to become even more interesting.

Sketching during the “colectivo trip” was really difficult. American and German tourists, stayed together with some local; there was a  mother who took her daughter to school and two boys who were leaning out  of the van, having fun watching the jungle rushing past them. An old man was hanging a large strange fruit inside his bag.
Suggestion: notice as much details as possible and sketch them or write a note. More the details are unusual, typical of that country, accidental, more are fascinating.


We immediately fell in love with the Ecolodge FincaExotica.
Design, architecture and integration with nature are fascinating.
There are many facilities and all custom designed.
The restaurant is the most welcoming place, soft lighting with a terrace, overlooking the ocean, from which you have the chance to see one of the most beautiful starry sky.
Dinner is shared with other guests and it is served on a long wooden table, illuminated by soft orange lights. I really appreciate the snacks served one hour before dinner, so you have time to meet the other guest before the meal in a relaxed atmosphere.


Every day yoga classes on a wooden platform overlooking a breathtaking view. I really suggest to go there just to see the sunset. There is also a cabin for massage and stone therapy.
We stayed in one of their bamboo tents (there are cabins too), and are located in various areas. Every place is connected by paths enriched by colorful flowers and wild green.
Bathrooms and showers are external, covered by the same roof made of leaves. The shower does not have hot water simply because you do not need it here. It is a pleasure to freshen up after a long trip into the forest!
Internet is limited to pre-established places and times so you can disconnect for once. I guarantee you will not feel the need … apart from the tons of photos you’ll want to share with the world!



Before the ecolodge Finca Exotica opened up to hospitality, 12 years ago, Gabriela and Markus bought this land and began to take care of the surrounding environment, planting trees and plants, following the impulse of a personal dream.
Later the desire to create a place of retreat in which others could come into contact and experience this link with nature.
The Ecolodge Finca Exotica is an exclusive place, but does not exclude anyone.
Staying in a tent is a compromise to reduce costs and open up to anyone.
Markus likes to say that this place is not like a hotel, rather an inspirational institution, where people can enjoy nature and abandon themselves, to meet a new dimension of being.


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