2° STEPS: Monteverde

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Hotel Belmar kindly hosted Felpa Gialla and me, for some days in Monteverde.
The hotel is located only two kilometres far from the centre of Sant’Elena so it is easily within walking distance. If you arrive at sunset time you will probably fall in love with the amazing panorama of the Cloudy Forest.


The Hotel Belmar is the only Carbon Neutral hotel in Costa Rica, but we hope that many places will follow their example.
In their website you will find and accurate pdf about sustainable tourism, conservation program, and what the hotel is doing to take care about nature and Monteverde community.
It is a perfect place to learn about sustainability.



Thirty two years ago
there was just one hotel in Monteverde, Belmar became the second.
It is born by a vision of Belmar family, who came in Costa Rica after ten years lived in Austria. They immediately understand that Monteverde could have become a perfect place to attract tourism.


Starting with a small piece of land, they grew up year after year.
Always integrating in the environment, regenerating the forest, and following their slogan: Art of Nature.
From the beginning, they invested on locals, to sustain and make the community and the relations grow stronger.

The rules were: everything must have a low impact on the environment and their fortune was to become Monteverde fortune. It was a difficult choice, because sustainable decisions are often expensive, but they have a positive impact in the whole context from the environment to the communities.

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In Hotel Belmar Richard is the guy who works full-time on sustainability. He monitors, checks that everything is efficient, proposes new solutions, and studies a lot to be up to date. Two years ago Hotel Belmar finally received the carbon neutral certification, thanks to the new investment on the farm.

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