1.STEP: From Rome to Bijagua


Waking up at 2:15. A quick walk to Termini Station to take the bus.
Rome by night is really magical. Hard to imagine this quiet atmosphere after a chaotic working day.
The bus pass near Colosseum and Circo Massimo that seem like giants in the dark.
Elton John’s Your Song in the background.
Waking up so early is hard…but the trip to the airport was lovely.



  • 4 cities: Rome Paris Toronto San José
  • 4 airports. Start from Fiumicino. Nice atmosphere in Charles De Gaul. A flat but hi-tech Toronto. Forest and exotic animals printed on the walls of Juan Santamaria.
  • 3 connections worried about delays.
  • 7 hours of time zone difference. Chasing the Sun. The hours were passing, but outside was always morning.
  • 6 sleeps on the planes, hoping to defeat the jet lag before its victory.
  • 5 taxi assaults escaped at destination. We took a bus after torturing a girl for info with our spanish.
  • And finally, 7 hours of nice sleep. Tomorrow the bus for Bijagua.


Second day. A long bus trip to Bijagua, that’s what await us.  No car, no phone, no internet connection. Gotta be careful with long trip if you are moving by bus in Costa Rica, but the locals are very kind and they help you without waiting for your questions.
5 hours of bus with a 20′ break for lunch: rice, beans and hot vegetables.


The streets are narrow and seems not so safe insite the bus that was bouncing side to side while the driver was running like a crazy. A bit scary at first, but then becomes quite funny. Two men spontaneously helped us to find the right bus stop.
When we got out a storm compared at the horizon and we had to walk for 2 kilometers to reach the farm.
We stopped to ask indication and immediately start to rain heavily.
There were 2 locals at a table. The woman let us call the farm with her phone. The man talked to the farmer and then decided to drive us to our destination with his car.
Everybody knows everybody.


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