1 STEP: Bijagua



We are hosted by Cata Chocolate for three days in Bijagua and two days in Playa de Coco where we will see all the process of making chocolate.
The farm in Bijagua produce platano and cacao. There is not the condition to dry the seeds of cocoa because the rainy weather, so this step takes place in Playa de Coco, as the transformation and the packaging of the final product.


They have also some experimental fruit forest, with citrus and tropical fruit trees (like the typical mango and papaya).
During the good season it is easy to see the two volcanoes in the background.
In the rainy season there is water on the ground and water in the sky. It rains often, it’s always cloudy.
Despite our expectations, it’s not so hot: we stay with long trousers and long shirts, also to avoid insects’ bites. Even there are few mosquitoes.



Sunrise at 5, sunset at 17. Wake up at 6, lunch at 13, dinner at 19, and sleep at 21.
This place is precious. You can see sloths, amazing colored birds, toucans and monkeys.
And a lot of strange insects.
There are some rivers inside the forest of the farm that end to a small lake. The sound of the water are hypnotic and relaxing. You might stay for hours listening to its rounded lovely sound.

in collaboration with felpagialla

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