One week in Lisbon


Lisbon. The romantic city. If you visit Lisbon just once, you will remember its light, the reflection of sun upon the ocean, the narrow streets, its up and down, the Pantheon where the VIP are buried (every tuc tuc guides hope that Cristiano Ronaldo will be buried there too), the Pastel de Belem, one of the best pastry to taste the famous sweet “Pasteis de Nata”, the melancholic notes of Fado, the bridge so similar to San Francisco bridge or the statue of Cristo, so similar to the Rio de Janeiro’s Cristo.

You have to walk, to take the tram, the elevator, the tuctuc, to walk again, to visit the museums, to taste the fish, and the soup and the fish again, to talk with locals about tourism, to visit its surrounding and it will be not enough.

Because Lisbon is not only for tourism, it is for living.


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