Zurich in Spring

zurich city br benedetta dossi 2


Time to visit Zurich. Spring is the best time thanks to the good weather!
I spent three weeks drawing and trekking around Zurich.
It is a city where everything works.

In Rome, you must just wait to the bus stops, hoping not to wait too much. In Zurich buses always run on time.
In Rome there are a lot of pollution, it isn’t a bike friendly city, it is difficult to find some area to do sport (except some parks to do jogging or yoga). In the other side, there are a lot of museums and is one of the best historic city of the world.


zurich city br benedetta dossi

I really loved going around Zurich, take its perfect buses, played sport in its incredible open air structure, so clean that you can play sport barefoot.
And I really loved to breathe, deeply breathe finally!

Zurich is a small city, people are polite, not so outgoing, but depends on if you have the chance to create small group, playing sport or other hobbies.
In this matter, we spent a lot of time in Bugensport Zentrum, a fantastic shops and archery school with a lot of bizarre stuff inside (armours, cars, old vintage things like jukeboxe, wooden sculpture of Buddha, etc.).
The owner is very friendly and we easy talk in English with him, speaking about the story of that place and our story.


BogenSportZentrum 1BogenSportZentrum 2BogenSportZentrum3

We visited also some free museum like the botanic garden with amazing domes where you can find a lot of tropical plants, and the sukkulentum garden.
The Zoological museum also is big enough to spend half day inside, looking to the giant mammoth and other species, from insects to whale.

Zoological museum_br_zurichZoological museum _br_ zurich 2succulentum garden zurich br 1botanic garden zurich br 2botanic garden zurich br 1

Beautiful Zurich!
Hope to came back soon!

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