Fly back to Rome


(yes, it is true…I bought a durian ice cream)

It’s time to go back to Rome, but my journey in south-east Asia has just began.

I called my first art project: Three steps in Asia, hoping it will became an art book.

Every adventure starts from the first step.

My fly was delayed, so I spent the night in Colombo Airport, Sri Lanka.

I started to draw, putting in front of me a piece of paper whit my contacts and asking support for my art project.

Many sellers and airport staff were curious about my sketch, then a couple give me money, water and chocolate so thanks to them I had my dinner!

The fly lasted 10 hours from Colombo to Rome..time to thinking again about this beautiful experience, draw a sketch and see three films!

Goodbye Asia, see you soon!!




A Huge Thank you to all who have supported this fantastic journey and my art project!

You’ve been truly precious!! Hope the best for your life!


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