Perhentian – Snorkeling with Ecoteer


I stayed four beautiful days in Perhentian with Ecoteer community.

If you join in the volunteer program you have many opportunity to discover the sea world, learning about environment, the plight of sea turtles, see the baby sharks and the underwater world doing snorkeling.

I spent lovely time with the volunteers and interns and I really appreciated the hard work they do there. It is truly difficult to educate the locals about recycling and environmental protection because they aren’t used to this and they don’t understand why they have to change their habits.


Malay dinner. The woman who host us was a great singer. At the end of the dinner she started to sing for us Chinese, Thai, Malaysian traditional songs.
Woman of Pila association are selling Doughnuts. While I was drawing they looked me, smiling when they recognize their portrait. At the end one of the woman offered me sugar the and doughnuts for free!
Malaysian women are use to stay out and chatting for hours.
Ecoteer centre!



In Perhentian I did snorkeling for my first time! Was an amazing experience.

After I need time to realize what I saw under the sea. It is a completely different world with mysterious rules that I don’t understand but that fascinate me!

Every thing moves in perfection harmony with the surrounding, flora and fauna are closely related and you understand how is delicate this beautiful ecosystem!




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