Perhentian – Ecoteer



I choose to join in a volunteer program during my last two weeks in Malaysia.

Searching in internet I found Ecoteer group:

A no-profit organization that connects travellers with grassroots charities and social enterprices around the world.

More than that, Ecoteer is a community hub for those interested in responsible tourism, conservation and sustainability. As well as overseas volunteer placements, we help our members find information, paid jobs, green holidays and lots of like-minded people to share ideas with.

I contacted Daniel to propose is an exchange: drawing and telling about their activity in exchange of food and accomodation (the same of the volunteers).
He was really interested and acctepted my propose.

It was one of my dream: using art to tell about what people do for other people and enviroment. So here I am: in Perhentian, one of the most beautiful island of Malaysia.




Volunteer programs are many: preserve Malaysian’s wildlife, below the sea, taking care about marine life and specially about turtles, and above the sea, protecting tiger from the hunter’s trap in Taman Negara.

Daniel offer me to spend one week in Perhentian island and one week in Taman Negara, the anciest forest of the world.





The first days we discovered the surrounding of the Ecoteer centre, meeting the locals, learning about the sea rules and having a traditional dinner with a malaysian family.

Another tasks is teaching english: the volunteers apporuch children and adults, with the interns, and try to help locals to improve his english skill.

This is very important for the population, because the economy of Perhentian is based on tourism.



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