Singapore – Gardens by the bay



Now is the time to talk about: Gardens by the bay!
Singapore, before Gardens by the bay, was like Florence without the Dome, or Rome without Saint Peter.

The opera was built in 2012 to give a Singapore the repution of “City of Garden”.


IMG_20160408_182840IMG-20160408-WA0019 (2)




Gardens by the Bay brings to life the National Parks Board Singapore’s vision of creating a City in a Garden.

The Gardens captures the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City with the perfect environment in which to live and work – making Singapore a leading global city of the 21st century.

It isn’t a normal garden: it counts 101 hectares, with two domes:

  • flower dome, that replicates the mid, dry climate with a lot of exotic plants;
  • cloud forest, replicates the tropical mountain climate with an artificial waterfall 35 metres high!

The main part are the Supertree, vertical garden of different high, illuminated at night to create an unique show. Wait untill evening to whatch the amazing light games.

In January 2006, an international master plan design competition was launched to seek world-class design ideas for Gardens by the Bay. It drew more than 70 entries submitted by 170 firms, from over 24 countries, including 35 from Singapore.


Beauty is back to being something to give huge attention!

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