Melaka – Famosa Restaurant


Walking near the most famus street in Melaka, Jonker street, I notice this beautiful restaurant called Famosa.

You know me well now…I imediatly proposed to the owner to sketch the restaurant and a free meal in exchange of the scan of my work. He reply readily Yes!!

He was really nice, he seems more worried about my lunch than my work!

It was hard to decide which part of Famosa skettch because both the exterior than the indoor of the Restaurant are beautiful, old chinese style.

When I finished my work he taked care about my lunch, serving me rice with vegetable, a vegetarian side dish and a typical sweet, very refreshing!



But the main dish is the chicken rice ball,

Malacca is well-known for its Nyonya cuisine & chicken rice-ball.

Not many folks knew that Malacca is the origin of the flavoured rice-ball. These rice-balls, about the size of golf balls are taken with boiled chicken flavoured with sauce and sesame oil. The rice itself is best taken with pounded chili-sauce. 

You don’t know until you try it!



Contact: Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

mobile: +606 282 0803


  • Local cuisine
  • Vegetable dishes
  • Chinese architecture
  • Location: in the centre of Melaka
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