Melaka – Hotel Fantasy



After some days spent in the crazy capital I arrived in Melaka, a little enchanted city of a portoguese style.

Instead of skyscrapers here there are two-storey houses.

I walked in an europe atmosphere untill to reach the Fantasy Hostel.



When I discovered this Hotel on TripAdvisor, I immediatly contacted the owner: every room is decorated with a different theme.

I really loved the cartoon theme: Doraemon, One Piece, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, Winnie the Pooh, and many others characters are the protagonists!

The owner opened the Hotel one year ago, leaving is previous job to run a business in his hometown.

Why did you choose this specific theme? The Cartoon?”

“Because we’ve grown together with cartoons, it is something related to us.”

And this is true!




It is a beautiful sensation sleeping in this kind of room: takes you back to the past (for anyone who doesn’t follow the cartoon now, not my case), in a childhood atmosphere, where anything was ok because there was always some hero who resolved problems.

The hostel is located near the pirate ship and ten minutes by foot from the city centre.

It is possibile rent bicycle to explore this little, beautiful city.



Contact: Hotel Fantasy

mobile: +60 62926028


  • Breakfast: there are coffee, tea and some biscuits
  • Internet : free wi-fi
  • Rent: it is possible rent a bicycle
  • Location: in the south of Melaka, 10 minutes by foot from the centre
  • Ideal for: who loved Cartoons 😉
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