Kuala Lumpur – Walking into the city


Kuala Lumpur is a skyscrapers city, full of banks and shopping mall but also popultaed by a lively cultural life where different religions cohesist together.

Maltese talks about that city in many ways: they are proud of it, but they are also disappointed about the crime (specially against turists) and some maltese habits.

Today I visited some shopping malls. I don’t like this kind of things, but I want to see with my eyes how they are made and how the people appears inside.




My conclusion is: this structures are alienating, it seem to be in an anthill, everyone are focused on eating, shopping, eating, shopping. I don’t like it at all.

I miss the sky for some hours.

After four days spent in KL I really need a smaller dimension of life. Hope to find it in Malaka, my next stop.




The last day I joined in Urban Sketchers Event in KL City Gallery.

It was an interesting experience and I learn a lot looking to other artist tecnique, observing and talking with them!

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