Kuala Lumpur – Paper Plane Hostel


This morning I met Samuel, the owner of Paper Plane Hostel.

I told me about his story, his passion for travel and how I left his work to open a business in Malaysia.

He remind me again that if you are not satisfy about what you are and what you are doing, you have the power of change something, maybe something small, maybe something great, but you can.




The concept behind the hostel is


create an unique place to stay enjoying your time in the hot KL, sleeping in a confortable structure with all the ameneties!



The hostel is located near the Swiss Garden and 20 minutes the Twin Towers (by foot).

It is surrounding by a lot of little restaurants and market, so you’ll not have problem to find everything you need!

The staff is very friendly, they help you for everything!




The artist who decorated the hostel is a thai friend of the owner and the owner himself has projected all the structure, opened from last august.

He spent ten months to restructure the building and he choose to maintain the hundred years hold stair.

While I was staying there there was a crew who was filming. He told me that he receive a lot of sponsorship proposals, I’m really glad that you accept mine Samuel! 😉



Contact: Paper Plane Hostel

mobile: +603 2110 1676

email: hello@paperplanehostel.com

  • Breakfast: not included
  • Internet: free wi-fi
  • Laudry Service
  • Location: central, near Swiss Garden
  • Ideal for: who want to stay in a hostel with all the ameneties
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