Kuala Lumpur – Welcome in Malaysia!


I arrived in Kuala Lumpur travelling towards the future (now I’m 8 hours ahead) but returning in 2016 (in Thailand I was in 2559).

It seems that the city was built just for cars and buses.

I spent 30-40 minutes to reach the hostel and I saw only 30 people. It was impressive.

Kuala Lumpur embrace a lot of different cultures, chinese, indian, thai, malaysian, everywhere you could discover a surprising daily life, a great mix of modernity and tradition.



Like every modern city Kuala Lumpur is smoggy and polluted, despite the air, the streets are clean and well mantained.
The green zone are surrounded by skyscrappers, which are also a great point of reference if you walking around the city.

I’m not that kind of person who fall in love for cities, specially city like this, but when I’m walking near the skyscrappers I’m feeling to partecipate in someone’s else dream.

Someone immagine that building, soaring into the sky, someone has had the audacity to prject, built it. It something that you can only immagine before and then you are here, in the middle of this dream, looking at the sky through a skyscrapper.

Returning to the hostel I made a great discover: the indian community.

I was captivated from the exterior of an hindu temple  when an hindu call me, offer me free delicious, vegetarian, food. The hindu community gives food for free every morning and every evening to everyone.

I was really surprised about that generosity and I spend some hours witnessing the hindu celebration, sketching and talking with them about Ganesha temple, Hindu religion and more.

Why people are generous?”

“Because if you are generous you are blessed, and if you are blessed you could obtain whatever you want!”

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