Chiang Mai – Banjai Garden


I stayed in Banjai Garden for three nights, the owners Frank & Philippe host me for free in exchange of my sketches scans.

As they describes in the site:

Everything is small at the Banjai Garden except for the grand welcome to match your great expectations. We’ve been told that “To try it is to adopt it” and we tend to believe what we’re being told.”

They started the business some years ago in Thailand. As someone else said, Thailand is not the most beautiful country in south-east but it is easy to run a restaurant or a guest house.




Turism has taken hold for many years, thai speaks english and recently Thailand develops his technological side.

Thai are nationalist, proud of never having been colonized. Philippe says that it not so easy make real friends, because the cultures are very different.

Philippe and Frank were so precious and generous with me, and they help me a lot to manage my trasportations. I’m really thankfull for their help!

The location is perfect, near to the main streets and sunday market, but in a small alley, it is ideal if you search a quiet accomodation, with not so many guests or the noise of the traffic!



ContactBanjai Garden Guest House

mobile: +66(0)8 57 16 16 35

  • Breakfast: à la carte
  • Location: Chiang Mai south-east
  • Ideal for: who want a quiet accomodation but located in the centre
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