Chiang Mai – Aum Vegetarian Restaurant



This evening I had dinner in Aum Vegetarian Restaurant, a gorgeus place near Tha Pae Gate (Chiang Mai east)!

Why it is gorgeus? 3 reasons  (just to started)

  • amazing Thai healty food (but you can also find fry food, fry food cannot miss in thai cuisine 😉 )
  • beautiful wooden design
  • you can choose two type of sitting: on the floor or western style (on chair)
  • ok, I really must say the four reason: the staff is extremely kind

There is only one problem: the limit of my stomach.



I proposed at Aum Vegetarian Restaurant the scan of my artwork in exchange of a free dinner and she was really interesting!
But I made an unforgivable mistake: I was used to smaller portions so I ordered a lot of dishes just because I wanted to taste many things and yes, because I was so hungry!

When the waitress started to bring what I have ordered I understand imediatly the miserable scene that I have done! I ordered food for at last three persons!
I apologize again with the owner.

So I give you a suggestion: a Pad thai is enought to fill your stomach.

And in Aum Restaurant the Pad thai is really amazing (like everything else)!

So, if you want to eat well and healty go to Aum Restaurant 😉



Contact: Aum Vegetarian Restaurant

mobile: 053 278 315

  • Restaurant: from breakfast to dinner
  • Food: Thai food
  • Location: Chiang mai east, near Tha Pae Gate
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