Chiang Mai – A Casa



Today I had dinner in Casa, a thai-italian restaurant in Chiang Mai.

I was attracted by the entrance, full of plants and flowers, divinely arranged by the wife of the owner Alberto.

He and his wife opened Casa two years ago, when the crisis in Italy it forced them to emigrate. They choose to open a business in Chiang Mai, because Thailand is the easiest country of the south-east to manage a restaurant, interface with locals, well structured in turism.



Alberto accepted my exchange: the scan of my sketch for a free meal!
I was so curious about how an italian living in Thailand , so he was so kind to shared with me difficulties and successes about his story.

He talk with me a lot about Thai culture, relations between foreign and thai, burocracy to open a restaurant, difficulties to find ingredients to prepare italian dishes (bread, cheese and pancetta, for example, are homemade prepared).

I tried Pad See and a Waffle…simply fantastic!
Thai dish, italian chat, finishing with a dessert (difficult to find in thai restaurant), what a delicious dinner!
Go and try 😉




Contact: Casa restaurant and Guest House

mobile: 0946342110


  • Restaurant: lunch and dinner
  • Guest House
  • Food: Italian and thai


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