Chiang Mai – the northern city


Chiang Mai, the biggest city of northen Thailand, “The rose of the North”, is immersed in a stunning region, full of natural beauty.

The main temples follow the Lanna style, already seen in Lampang.

After many days spent in towns, Chiang Mai seems to me a small Bangkok, full of turists (oh! there are turists in Thailand, that’s where they were finished!) and adorable handicraft shops, markets, pretty restaurants!



The best tursistic things of Chiang Mai are: people knows a bit’ better english, the main attractions are near and you can cover the city by foot or by bicylce!

The first day in the city I tought the description that a California girl made of Venice: a sweet that you would like to eat it all at once, but you cannot because it is too beautiful to look at, unattainable!

I was so excited that I start to draw imediatly until evening, after winning a grueling battle against mosquitoes!




When the night comings Chiang Mai begins to shine, capturing in a complex mixture  of shopping malls, bazar and illuminated trees.


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