Lampang – Long Jim New York Pizza


Today I try something different, something exotic (exotic for thai): american pizza in Lampang!

I was captured by the nice design of the sign and I was curious to know the story of this restaurant.

Long Jim New York pizza opened its door in Lampang almost five years ago.

The owner, that came from Oregon, chose this little city because it is not so turistic.
In this last years  the tranquility of Lampang, the
architectural style of its houses, which still preserve the features of traditional Thai style,  catch the attention of those who desire to visit places out of the beated tracks.




Why  did you choose pizza

Pizza is an international dish, everyone loves pizza!
Choose this dish is like to go without fail, even in Thailand, where the exotic as the Mexican could be a risk, the pizza instead appeals to everyone!

But…if you came here, and you will, and you don’t want pizza, there are other dishes in the menù like pasta or salad. Try the exotic in Lampang!



Contact: Long Jim New York Pizza or Facebook

mobile: (+66) 082 892 5009

dishes: pizza, pasta, salad


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