Lampang – Aroy One Bath


I went in this restaurant this evening to try the local cuisine.

Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and also the map gave me by Lorenza, the host of Riverside Guesthouse, notify Aroy One Bath as a place that you can’t miss!
I’m little bit worried because it’s so difficult for a vegetarian like me find dishes without meat and fish in Thailand, but…I find a lot of chooses in Aroy One Bath so it was no difficult satisfy my taste!


I propose to the owner a partnership, the same I have proposed  to Malakor Café and he accepted!



He manage his property since many years with the family and forty employees but it is only in these last years that things have gone better because Lampang it became an interesting touristic city to visit before to reach Chiang Mai.

The most beautiful thing to draw was the tables converted from old sewing machines!
The vintage style run along  Thailand!

Take time to dinner here 😉

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