Lampang – out of the beaten track


The first time I heard about Lampang was in an article online.

This girl was fallen in love with this little city so I was carried by her enthusiasm and I choose to give a change to Lampang.




The city is small, enchanted, full of examples of traditional architecture thai style, burmese wat, possibility to make outings, relaxing or shopping in the markets along its streets.



If you plan to go in Chiang Mai and you like little city, out of the beaten track, you’ll find in Lampang a little undiscovered treasure.




Today I went in Ko Kah, Lampang distric by bicycle (18 km from Lampang) to visit Wat Phra That Chom Ping..

If you want to visit the surrounding, but also the city itself to see the main attractions, it would be convenient rent a bike (I rent mine in Riverside Guesthouse).

According to the legend, the temple was built in the reign of King Tilokkarat of the Lanna Thai Kingdom. An ancient temple has a miracle because the Buddha’s relics are reflected through a small hole in the window and appear on the floor of the ordination hall, where there is bright light all day and night.

Ko Kah is immersed in the nature, it was a pleasure ride the bike into little streets and suggestive places.



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