Sukhothai – the old city

To go to Old Sukhothai you must to take a bus or, as an italian turist called it: it is a bus??

Yeah, because it seems more a mix between an old donkey cart and a rigged wasp rather than a bus. For me it is simply beautiful: 30 minutes in this bus, just enought time to take a sketch!



Sukhothai is an important step to learn about the history of Thailand, because this city was the capital of the Khmer ad Siam empire.

But…you know, Thailand is the land of wat wat wat, so I already see a lot of ruined wat before and yes, Sukhothai is worth a trip but…too much ruins for me, althought is always a pleasure doing some watercolors.

Hope you like them!




In those days in Sukhothai it is very hot and wet, so during the lunch time you could relax yourself under one of the most beautiful trees scattered in the central zone.



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