Sukhothai – Lotus Village

Going to Sukhothai

It’s happen again!


This morning I take the train from Lopburi to Sukhothai (train until Phitsanulok and than the bus).
Third class again, just to maintein the connection with thai and to experiment a long trip without air conditioning.

Thai slep exhausted because the hot, while sellers walk constantly bringing all kind of food.

And…it’s happen again!

The womani in front of me started to eat a corn and then she offer me the other. She did this also for her swear (orego biscuits) and for another thai food (I really don’t reconize the ingredients) before she left the train.

She was so spontaneously generous! I didn’t nothing to catch her sympathy. So…welcome in Thailand!


Lotus Village



My arrival to Lotus Village was one of the best!
After a long trip it’s so welcoming to enter in a beautiful gardner, a place immersed in the nature, delicious thai style bungalows illuminated by laterns, the sound of the frogs,  palms blowing in the wind…and first of all Michel and Tan.

Beautiful people, so gently, kind and thoughful.

He show me imediatly my bungalow where everything seem to say: welcome, welcome, welcome!




The athmosphere relaxed, a dreamed shower, nature all around! What a beautiful dream is it?
Michel was so kind to tell me about the history of this place. As he says: he has built it step by step.
He started with a bungalow and now the residence is grow, step by step, until to become a place that I would call: unmissable!




Some interesting points are: a small, personal exhibition of ancient object coming to a his private collection, the s.p.a, and obviosly the garden.

Another thing to say: after a long day to old Sukhothai, it a great thing have an accomodation like this, where you can relax your foot and your mind!

We’ve done our very best to create a tranquil and stylish environment for you to relax in. Our buildings are built in traditional Thai style from teak whilst our lush, tropical gardens simply burst with fragrance and colour. We have our very own art-filled lobby full of treasures we have collected, a boutique and a library with books and magazines for you to browse.




Contact: Lotus Village

mobile: (66) 55 621 484


  • Breakfast: à la carte
  • Spa
  • Internet: free Wi-fi
  • Ideal for: relax, stay in the nature
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