Lopburi – The monkeys town

little introduction: when I was at Ayutthaya station waiting my train, this beautiful woman divide his lunch and give me a thai sweat. I didn’t do or say nothing before to gain his sympathy, she give me her sweat just for the pleasure of sharing.


I’m in Lopburi now, the city mainly know as the land of monkeys.
The citazen don’t have much sympathy for these small creatures, so they isoleted them primarly in the nord-east of the town, near the station.

The monkeys become imediatly interested to your backpack when it become the source of food.

Onestly they behave as if all the food belongs to them, so pay attention if you want to eat something.




In Lopburi there are some Wat (where in Thailand there isn’t a Wat?) and other interesting points to see, but I spent the best of my time in Lopburi Village, the place where I stay for two night (look to my post here).

This morning I spent many hours looking and sketching the monkeys.
Hard thing to do. They are so speed, change position so often and are so funny that is a great challenge to catch their dynamic lines.

But the sun is shining, everyone smile at me, and the monkeys are so nice creature that I ended up to fall in love with Lopburi.




Finally I found a little town, easy to cover on food, where you can see how people live and spent time to lying on a bench near the river, without the noise of traffic.
Beautiful, little, smiling Lopburi.



ps. not peaceful at all. I suffered so much doing the first draw in the upper image (next to me was the deafening noise of the road works). It worth the try!

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