Lopburi – Little Lopburi Village


My start in The Little Lopburi Village isn’t the best. My mistake.
You may have noticed that my English is a very low level. Thanks Google translate. 🙂

Some weeks ago I contacted The Little Lopburi Village to ask a sponsorship: my scan sketches in exchange of accomodation.

He accepted and I was so thrilled because I really want to sketch this beautiful place!

In the last mail he told me his worries about the project because years ago an european artist proposed to him the same exchange and then vanish into thin air.

Onestly I don’t understand well what he had written to me, I understood only later when we met, so I answered “can’t way to see you”…!!! I wanted to say: I can’t wait to see you, but this little error change everything. So you could image how the host felt when he saw me coming.



I try to work hard to regain his confidence, because I had hurt him deeply.

However this bad start give me the reason to create the best sketches I could made and perrhaps give a bit ‘of that trust destroyed by the first European and then by my rude response.

So these are the sketches, hope you enjoy!


During my performance my hosts, despite everything, was so gently and full of attentions: they give me water, food, again water, fumigator and at the end she prepared for me the best thai dinner I’ve ever eaten!
Seriously, I’m not the only one to say so: she is a great chef, you have to stay here and taste her cuisine!




For the dessert she bought for me some typical sweet that I’ve seen preparing it in a famous street in Ayutthaya, but I had not tasted (in fact I thought it was a savory dish to cook).



Now talk about The Little Lopburi Village: he his not a business place, but a centre where thai culture is sharing, as they say in their site.
From the homestay you could easily arrive everywhere, the points of interest are 10-15 minutes by foot.

For me it was a great experience!

Nontherless the homestay was full Tom prepare a tent and all the necessary for the night.



contact: The Little Lopburi Village

mobile: 036 617735 / 089 0814923

email: y_nris@hotmail.com

  • Breakfast included
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Location: 15 minuts by foot from the train
  • opportunity to taste dinner thai cuisine
  • Ideal for: who appreciate nature, beauty,  tranquility, relax
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