Ayutthaya – Wat wat what??

Thailand, the land of thousand What????? Wat

Ayutthaya, the ancient city, full of ruins and mistery.



If you like immerse yourself into the history, if you like to feel deeply the time as you walk among the giants, you are in the right place!
Feel the hundred of steps, like phantoms in the air, imagine the greatness of the structures, perceive the sacredness…you can do all of this in Ayutthaya.



If you rent a bicycle you’ll have the chance to visit more locations, included some typical alleys (which are difficult to find 🙂 or temples located far of the centre city.




In the evening don’t miss the night Market, maybe after taking a late coffee in Malakor (located very close 😉

While I was drawing, Thais were very curious to see their portraits and laughed constantly exchanging jokes with each other.


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