Ayutthaya – Athithara Homestay

Why Thailand is called “The Land of Smiles”?
Because, when you smile at someone, he immediately replies.



In these days I’m stay at Athitara Homestay, Ayutthaya.
First of all: Une is a wonderful girl!
She manage the Homestay with her father. Two years ago they create this peaceful island in the south-west area of the city.

They chose a Thai style architecture for personal reasons so this homestay is not only an intriguing journey into Thai culture, but also into a Thai family.





His position, near the river, is ideal if you want to relax you after a long bicycle trip into the historical city (ask to Une for the rental).

As soon as I saw the structure I realized how much I’d enjoyed drawing it.

Hope you enjoy the sketches, and the stay (because If you plan to visit Ayutthaya, you must stay here!





Contact: Athithara Homestay

Tel: +66 3524 2529
Mob: +66 6 1654 1927

email: athitharahomestay@gmail.com

  • Breakfast: yes, with river view
  • Internet: free Wi-fi
  • Location: south-west, into the ancient city, near
  • Ideal for: relax and thai style lovers
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