Ayutthaya -Wata Maha That

I arrived today in Ayutthaya by minivan (depart from Victory monument).

Is not the cheapest way, but if you need to save time (not my case) or if you stay near Victory monument area (my case) its a great deal!
One hour to reach Ayutthaya in an mini air-conditioned van.

If you have a big luggage is not the best solution (not trunk).




Ayutthaya is the old capital where you can find a lot of temple ruin, a fair amount of abandoned dogs, and long busy street (town are so different from Italy).
The best way to visit is by bike (if everybody says is true).



For two days I’ll be in Athithara , a fantastic thai style homestay, which I’ll talk in a future article.

My first desire was see the head of Buddha in Wat Maha That. Is the famous head inside the tree (everyone have in mind this sculpture).

The impact was amazing. The color of the tree is the same of the color of the statue.
They are integreted like lovers. Its spiritual strenght is remarkable.



I loved being in the ruins of this ancient temple.

In somehow the passage of time is something entirely individual.

Among the ruins everything flows more slowly, as if something had been enchanted between the stones.


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