Bangkok Bed & Bike

First steps in Bangkok

I’m in Bangkok now, the capital of Thailand.

I’m in the future: Thailand is seven hours head to Italy and we are now in the 2559, according to the Buddhist calendar.

So, I’m really live in the future.

The first impression about the City: clean and dirty at the same time, cosmopolitan, chaotic, difficult orientation (difficult to find the addresses in the map).

It seems like Rome and Naples, with elettric cables exposed to the weather, small sanctuary in every angle (in this case buddha sanctuary), crazy drivers, traffic…



In the evening I arrived in Bangkok Bed and Bike, a fantastic, vintage hostel in the heart of “The city of angels”.
Beautiful desing, kind people, clean and confort area…there is always a soft background music that give you a sense of relax.




You’ll find a lot of curious vintage objects like old typewriters, radio, a big, beautiful biliardo in the middle of the hall, chess, vintage robot and balance…

Spent time to search every interesting details that give at this hostel an intimate, home, curious atmosphere!



“The area, that our hostel is situated, used to be a house of the Prince call Phrayasi Sahathep since King Rama 3 era. In the old day, most of the Rickshaws are operated by Chinese.

They called the intersection as Sikak in Chinese , so it became the name of the intersection that our building is situated nowsaday, Sikak Phrayasi.

Our hostel is in a conservation of historic town and urban area,  which is looked after by the Crown Property Bureau. Therefore, our charming hostel exterior still has the same look as it has been in the past.

During the period of King Rama 3, this building is used to be Sikak Dispensary and Drug Store, where the Royal family and foreigner get their prescription filled. Later it’s changed hand to Sri Ayutthaya theatre.”




Contact: Bangkok Bed & Bike

mobile: +66(0)944878058


  • Location: In the centre of the town, near Wat Pho
  • free Breakfast: one word…impressive!
  • Internet: free Wi-fi
  • Ideal for: who has few time to see the most important museums and temple, vintage lovers


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